Stylized Photo Shoot

Just an fyi, a stylized shoot means this is not a real, wedding, engagement or whatever it may be. Your wedding or photos however can still look just as great, as long as you plan it well and ask your photographer for timing recommendations. And, most photographers will suggest an hour to two hours before sunset. And, trust me, you want to listen. 

This beautiful shoot was styled by Jackie Siggard of Jackie Siggard Photography and she did a great job. Well, everybody did a great job.

I mean, look, delicious cake

Hyrum1©Jessica Hernandez2017_©Jessica Hernandez_2017.jpg

Gorgeous flowers


Gorgeous flowers on beautiful people


Gorgeous flowers on beautiful people wearing ___dresses


And, lets not forget the hair and make up. Always recommended for a less stressful photoshoot.


Hit me up to plan your next photoshoot, whether it be engagements, portraits, or an anniversary shoot, I'd love to help make your dreams come true.

People who made this happen

Stylist - Jackie Siggard Photography

Cake - Temptation Cupcake Logan

Florals - Logan Flower Shop

Wedding Dress - Belle Bridal 

HMUA - @Steelurbanobarbershop