Bri - Alta, Utah

Bri was the winner of the opportunity drawing for Guadalupe School. And I'm so glad she won, we had such a fun time and she is an amazing person. 

Bri is a kindergarten teacher and has traveled all around the world. She is kind and lots of fun. When you look at these photos I think you'll have a hard time believing that that Bri hasn't had professional photos in 10 years,


I really do love these photos and this location and p.s. word on the interwebs is that the wildflowers are going to be leaving us in a week or two, so if you want to see them, today is the day.  

However, it is beautiful with or without zillions of wildflowers. I should also mention that no flowers were harmed in the making of these photos. Two girls from mountainous/outdoorsy places tread lightly in flowery meadows.