Best of 2016

So I had a little difficulty choosing which images to share, but I tried to share the ones that best express my style.  I tend to favor relaxed natural poses and minimal eye contact, especially if there is someone else in the photograph.   If you want to see an image in its natural unsquare habitat, just click on it. 

As an extra bonus, I have selected a few images from my personal family photos from over the year.  Babies grow so quickly!  These images start in January and end in November!

I thought of creating another category for you from my event/commercial photography but, I'm not too sure you are interested in it.   But, over the past year I was able to work with the English Skills Learning Center, Mundi Project, Fearless 5k, and Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.  It has been a blast and I'm excited for another year of photographing you.