Little Fish Turns 2 - 13th Photography - Capitol Reef, Utah

My beautiful Little Fish turned 2 last week!  It was a week full of Happy Birthdays to, car, Daddy, Panda and whoever else Little Fish decided to add into the song.  We decided that we want to give limited gifts (we gave him one, now lovingly called, Hippo Daddy) and that we wanted to share experiences together as well.  So, we took Little Fish to the zoo and he loved it.  

To further expand what we like to call Birthday Week and take advantage of the 3 day weekend, we went down to Capitol Reef for the weekend.  It was amazing! We did 2 really fun hikes which I will tell you about next week.   But for today, I will share with you Little Fish's annual birthday photo shoot.  

If anyone is down in the Torrey area, or ever wants to have a desert feel or take photos in a not very busy orchard, call me up and we'll take an adventure together.