Easy & Fun Hikes in Capitol Reef - 13th Photography - Torrey, Utah

I am by no means an expert but I thought I would share my favorite hikes in Capitol Reef (so far.)  

When I hike I like variation in the scenery and terrain.  I also like going when the light is beyond beautiful, normally early in the morning or in the late afternoon.   This list is in no particular order.    But here goes.

  • Sunset Point Trail - This hike is about 0.7 miles round trip and is super easy with gorgeous views.   If you have children that run away from you, I would be a little cautious as there are some cliffs/ledges not far from the trail.  At the end of the trail you have the option of climbing on top of some large slightly precarious looking rocks (part of the fun).


  • Hickman Bridge Trail - is pretty steep at the beginning and I have only done it in winter.   It's 1.8 miles in and out and has gorgeous views throughout.   I really enjoyed it.   


  • Cohan Canyon Trail - I have no idea how far we went in but the maximum miles would be about 3 miles.   Another uphill start, this trail is also great around sunset if you want to feel like you are in a painting.  Once the trail levels out you feel a little like you are in an old western film.   Staying on the trail you are even able to find some narrow canyons to explore.


  • Capitol Gorge Trail and the Tanks - This hike was a little boring for me at first, but my toddler enjoyed it.  This is one of the spots where you can see petroglyphs in the park.   You will also see other writings on the walls from some early pioneers.    Going up to the Tanks was my favorite part and children will love the tadpoles/frogs that may be residing in these small ponds.  (2 miles)

So, there you go, four fun hikes that might take you longer than you think because you are having so much fun.