Organizing my Brain

I've been working on being more organized.  Writing things down so I don't have to them floating around in my head.   It really helps me to be mentally there when I'm doing something.   I recently made this calendar so I could do a quick glance at the rest of the year.   Now, I'm realizing I need to do at least a 5 month calendar for next year because that's how far out I have shows and photoshoots/events.   


In addition to creating this 1 page calendar (the most important element) I have started utilizing Target's subscription service to not only save me time but money on those big annoying necessities like paper towels and toilet paper.   Because lets, be honest, I know I'm blessed to live where I live but that doesn't mean I want to carry all of that paper up the stairs to my apartment (no elevator) while trying to convince a 2 year old that the mail hasn't come yet and that we should go upstairs.  Other than that, it is the constant organizing of items in my house that have either lost their purpose or are in need of a new spot to live be better utilized.   Oh, and I'm working on organizing the business part of my business to flow a little more steadily instead of me trying to take care of logging miles and posting to social media whenever I feel like it.   It's not a seamless transition but I can feel that it is helping me to better leave work behind when I'm not working and focus on my family.   Do you have any tips on organizing?  Maybe by chance, organizing tupperware in a cupboard???