Work, work, - 13th Photography - Salt Lake City

What prevents you from working?

For me, working from means my desire to have a clean and somewhat orderly house often leads me putting off work.  Like any mom or parent, I have 3 jobs.   

1) Running a business.  Sidenote-I need to remember to renew all of my business licenses.

2) Child care.  It's generally just my Little Fish but we also have a little friend who visits occasionally while her mom works and we will be watching her once a week starting in September.

3) Maintaining a home.  Every parent who stays at home should really be credited for this one.   I didn't know it was so much work until I had to do it myself.  Planning out meals and getting groceries is probably the most stressful part for me.  

I have a terrific husband who helps me with all three of these when he can, but he has a full-time job and is a full-time student.   I can hardly imagine what it is like for him.  I only worked part-time while I got my degree and I didn't have any depending on me.  

Sometimes I feel like sleep gets in the way of me doing everything I think I need to be doing.  But, I don't function very well without sleep.  Also, laziness can get in the way but that is generally overcome within half an hour because I start to think of things I need to do.  I am learning to relax and not feel bad about it.  And by relax I mean, not multi-task and focus on one thing at a time.

My favorite way to relax is to get out of the house.  So I leave you with this from Capitol Reef National Park