About 13th and Jessica


I signed up to do an Instagram challenge by the amazing Jasmine Star, I really needed a kick in the pants.  The first day was introducing ourselves, so I thought I might do the same her since it’s been a while.  I will do some personal facts and more business facts. 

  1. I think I might have an ear infection, my right ear feels kind of weird, but I’ve never felt an ear infection before, so I can’t be sure.  (Apparently I had numerous infections as a child.)
  2. I’m married to my best friend.  We have a 2 year old and another baby coming in January.  Cesar, my husband is studying Finance.  I have a BFA in Photography and Spanish-Latin American Cultures but my Spanish isn’t as good as it use to be.  Our 2 year old is studying trucks and hammers.  


Now, for some more business related facts.


  1. I wouldn’t be able to set prices without my financially minded husband.  He helped me determine the cost of running my business and how much I should mark up in order to invest more training and equipment into my business as well as pay myself.   
  2. My pricing reflects my desire for families to print quality photographs for their home.  As such, my current pricing has very minimal mark-up in the session fee, and only slightly more in the pricing of prints.
  3. I have a studio for shooting portraits, but I also love photographing outside, especially in the early morning.


That’s all I can think of write now. I don’t want to bog you down with random facts you might now be interested in.  But send me a message leave a comment if you have any questions.