Yellowstone - 2016

I realized I haven't shared or even looked at our Yellowstone pictures since I uploaded them to the computer.   

In case any of you are worried that Yellowstone isn't baby friendly, I will tell you my honest opinion.  It is worth it, but baby has to be carried a lot for safety reasons.  Also, my Little Fish would rather I carry him than anyone else.  So, a good baby backpack is a good idea.  As well as plenty of snacks, lots of little breaks to look at the animals and play on the rocks.  A fun dad doesn't hurt either (we brought the best.)

As you can tell, Cesar knows how to make things fun.  And I like taking photos of my people more than just animal photos.  I love nature photography, but I'm all about the light, so when I do it I normally get up early in the morning or wait until about sunset.  But I was still able to sneak a few in.

Little Fish also enjoyed exploring the Visitor's Centers and had fun in West Yellowstone at the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center.  He loved watching the foxes through the glass.  But, I like these next photos more.