Allie - High School Senior - SLC Photo Locations

I had so much fun with Allie taking these photos.  And, I thought I would share with you where we  took these photos because I always want to know where people are finding these places.   I should also mention that it was raining, but Allie is awesome and still wandered around downtown Salt Lake with me.   

We started at City Creek.


This is right outside City Creek on Main Street.  Every year the city sponsors artists to make little gardens and we decided to use one of them.  This one is just outside the mall.

The rest of these photos are walking south on Main Street.

Here we are at a crosswalk.


Under some scaffolding.


Here is Allie being terrific, she is laying on the waterproof blanket I brought.  The blanket is on a raised plant bed.


We were trying to make it down to Exchange Place, but there were too many great spots on the streets.

Like Eva's Bakery.


And the Gallivant Center.   You never knew there was such lush green.


And this enchanting backdrop next to the trash cans.   


And don't forget, there is always Starbucks.


And still more places at City Creek.  I think you are fine to take photos there as long as the stores are not in the image.  I tried to check before I could go and that was all that we found.  As we were taking these images there was a Security Guard nearby and he didn't approach us. So, I think City Creek is a go.


Aren't the lights cool?