5 Quick Tips for Your Next Photo Shoot


1)         Coordinate the Colors

If you want to wear blue, that’s cool, just don’t buy the exact same blue.  Let individuals express themselves in hue, and fit.  I suggest a 3 color rule, still allowing for people to choose individual hue.  For my wedding I said something like pink, purple and cream.  Everybody looked great, the photos looked great.  Colors can also be determined by location and type of shoot. I always love pastels but they are especially great for newborn photos.

2)         Use Patterns Wisely

Patterns can work great to coordinate outfits but they can also detract from your face or they can add visual interest. And with that in mind, I’d also say don’t wear shirts with logos or images on the front.  This is a photo of you, not an advertisement.  If you are unsure if a pattern will add or detract from a photo, ask your photographer.

3)         Plan in Advance

 Figure out what you are going to wear as soon as possible.  Not the night before.  The night before is for laying out your clothes, ironing, and what not.   Don’t wait, don’t create that stress in your home.

4)         Layer

Add visual interest by layering.  Things like a vest, jacket or scarf can easily be removed to create a different look.  It’s like a free wardrobe change.

5)         Grooming

There are 3 main elements to think about when it comes to grooming.

1) Hair-if it needs to be cut/colored what not, do it at least one week before. If you want it styled you can schedule that separate from the cut.

2) Teeth-make sure that you brush and floss your teeth. 

3) Nails-clean your nails and make sure that any polish looks fresh.