Family Photos

Last Sunday, we took some extended family photos with my husbands family, this is not however all of his cousins, just a few.  If you are thinking of taking a family photo, the key is to have a camera with a timer on it, you know like in the movies so you can run back and forth, the second key is to take more than one shot at a time.  Most digital cameras come with a self-timer so you don’t have to invest any extra into a casual group photo.

See, there I am.


Another good tip taking a group shot or any shot really, is to find open shade.  It may seem counterintuitive, but bright midday sun is not your friend, unless you like raccoon eyes.  And since we are on the subject, think of the ground, if it's white it will bounce light back into those beautiful faces.

And while you're at it, try more than one backdrop. Here, is a test shot I thought was funny, but I would not normally post for a client, but I might show them, if they had a sense of humor. 

And here, is everyone prepared.  

There is also something else you should know; I have yet to take an extended family photo without being asked to take some individual shots or individual family shots.  I love these people, they are lots of fun, so I didn’t mind at all.  You might notice that I joined a good looking family.  This, in combination with my good looking family produced a beautiful babe.  But here he looks a little grown up, a little like Prince George maybe, or a child on his path to Hogwarts.  


And here you see little cousins, er second cousins I guess, but we will just leave it at cousins. 


As you can see, Aidden, is on his path to a career in modeling, with his don’t care attitude, and Melody is just plain beautiful.



I’ll leave you with another two of my favorite shots.  I love the casualness of this shot and there expressions, which if I remember correctly they were posing for the camera, but they’re just so good at it, I can’t tell.  And the one below, well, they just look so happy.

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