2 Great Smartphone Photo Apps

Last week I went to the Pinner's Conference here in SLC to learn from a few local photographers.  And I thought I would share a few programs anybody can start using for free.  I have yet to master these programs, I'll probably stick to my desktop for most of my editing.  But I think it's great to be able to snap a photo with your phone or dslr and be able to do some quick edits to enhance your photographs. 

#1  Snapseed.   This is a pretty popular one and was talked about by 3 different presenters.  There lots of tutorials to help you learn how to use it in order to straighten your photos, brighten people's face and all sorts of good things.

#2  A Color Story.  This one is my favorite.  I love using all of the tools that I'm use to using, like Curves , Vibrance, and so many more.  They have some pretty decent filters that you can apply to your liking in order to find color tones that suit your image.   The only thing I don't like about A Color Story is how it exports photos.  I want it to save to my phone but it wants to export it directly to other apps like Instagram and Facebook.  I end up messaging it to myself and then uploading it wherever I want.  It's probably unnecessary but I want to see it outside of the app for some odd reason.

So there you have it.   Two great free apps (with available upgrades).   

Here's my best attempt so far at using these programs, mostly a Color Story.