Busy Business -13th Photography - Salt Lake City, Utah

Can I just say, the first day I am focusing on the details of running my business, (the parts you don’t really see, you know, the business parts)  the internet is super slow.  It’s probably mad at me for not keeping up the past two weeks.  I was working, and it knows it, I just wasn’t needing to use the internet.   Or rather, I was, but just for sending files to clients.  

Or maybe, it caught Little Fish’s cold.  Poor Little Fish with his runny nose trying to play like normal but being constantly interrupted by tissues of all kinds.   

Either way, I’m taking care of the business parts of my business again.   Planning, depositing checks, writing my blogs in advance…updating my miles, and using all of my Excel skills. 


It’s been a pretty busy two weeks and I assume you are busy too, so let me know what you want to hear about/see more of and I’ll make a blog post just for you.


P.S. I hope you’re ready for Halloween.


And, here's a peaceful little image for you to look at, in case you've been a little extra busy in all aspects of your life as well.