Prints & a Party

So many exciting things this past week.  It’s a little hard to decide if I should tell you by order of importance or chronologically.  Chronologically, I put together my first print package.  Prints are so beautiful, I love them.  Here is a little picture of some of the things that went in with the order.

 Prints are way better than images on a screen.

Prints are way better than images on a screen.

More importantly, my baby had his first birthday.  It is hard to believe that one year ago, my Little Fish came tumbling into the world. He was so little and I imagine surprised to come out of his small home into a large world with so many new things.  

To celebrate his being with us for one year, we decided to have a baby party for Little Fish.   We invited his baby friends, got some balloons and balls and after a few minutes, they all warmed up and had a blast.

There are more detail photos here than action shots because, I wanted to be in on the action.  The photo of all three of us was taken by the great Indianna.  I highly recommend having more than just yourself take photos at special events, you don't want to get stuck behind the camera when you should be having fun.