Data Rot

This past weekend I was visiting some family and listening to many family stories.  Most people would agree that you need to write down stories to preserve them.  But, in this modern digital era, we often overlook the need to print photos, thinking that they are saved on Facebook, our phone or on the computer.   And, while that is true, it is not enough, there is something called digital rot.  I have an Uncle who works with computers, and right now you are thinking to yourself I too know somebody with a degree in computer science. I must tell you that my Uncle is in high demand because he has a specialty, dead computer languages.  Computers really haven’t been around that long but there are already files and data that cannot be read.  Something akin to, always having to get a new PlayStation and then finding out that it can’t play your old games.  The constant annoyance of your apple phone always needing to upgrade to be able to do more things; and while in the end these upgrades do have better quality they eventually lose their ability to work retroactively (i.e. Vhs, cassette tapes, etc.)

After this long rant and not knowing if I explained it very well, my point is, print your pictures.  Do you really like having everyone crowd around your cell-phone to see a picture.   They have to get pretty close and some people don’t brush their teeth enough.  Don't you enjoy flipping through photo albums and seeing yourself and others get older?  When you print a photo, you are probably not going to print all 20 pictures you took of Jimmy playing ball, you are only going to print the best.  Printing you photos gives you something more tangible, a memory to hold, and to display (without the use of electricity)  

 Exhibit A.  Me being cute, caught on film found in pile of old photos getting ready to go into album.

Exhibit A.  Me being cute, caught on film found in pile of old photos getting ready to go into album.

So my plea for today is, print your photos. 

Here are a few links to some articles about why you should print your photos.

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