The time has come

Due to my slightly shy nature, I have pushed off starting a photography business for a myriad of reasons.  When people hear of my degree in photography, they often get excited and ask if I photograph people.  Well, I do, I just haven't told people.  My experience photographing people started when I received my first SLR camera(a camera that gives you more control).  I took that camera with me everywhere and photographed everything, especially people.  

Soon after receiving my camera, I moved states and went to a high school where I could take photography classes, so I did. And I loved it.  I definitely improved. I would show you evidence and I might, but I would have to scan in the negatives first.  I loved photography so much that I got my BFA in Photography.  During my time in college, I explored shape and composition more with nature than with people.  But, (I remember being told never to start a sentence with but in first grade) I still had a desire to photograph people and the moments that were important in their lives. This desire lay dormant, until I had my son about 8 months ago.  We desperately wanted to document this beautiful time in our lives, and both be in the pictures. I reached out to photographers, but none of them responded.  I imagine they were already busy, I had no idea I needed to book a session so far in advance, but I still feel a response would have been nice, but I digress. Back to my journey.

Within the past few months a number of people have asked me about taking their photographs.  This encouraged me, as did my husband and one of my dear professors now friend to venture into the business world.  And did you know that they speak a different language in the business world?  Well, it's quite the adventure. As is the website world-my one coding class has left me quite unprepared.  But, the best adventures in life often require learning new languages and picking up new skills.  

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