A Little Bit About Me

I just finished editing another beautiful session.  

And, like everyone else I am starting to reflect back on the past year.  I try to do this often to make sure that I am still on course but I still get diverted.  

If I had time, I’d share with you my favorite photos from over the past year, but I think I will wait until May when I first started my business to do that.  

I think part of the reason I find now a good time to plan and set goals for the next year is because I have to get my taxes ready.  As with most beginning businesses I spent a little more than I made.  You may wonder how that happens, especially when a business seems as basic as photography, but there are a lot of things that eat at away at your profits.  Things like, a super sweet website, professional e-mail, editing programs (I use Lightroom, ExposureX, and Photoshop), as well as business fees and other supplies.  I am quite frugal and it takes a lot for me to spend money and the things I buy I feel are worth the investment and will bring me a return even if it’s not for a few years.   

Even though I didn’t break even, I still love what I do.  Photography helps me to focus.  I enjoy speaking with people (even though I am not very good at it)  and I enjoy helping them to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  It think being photogenic is a skill, most of us feel awkward with a camera looking at us and we feel the pressure to look our best.  

I know looking back that I have improved.  I am better at directing people to help them look their best and I am better at post-production (all the work that goes in after the photo is shot).  I do a lot of little things and try to keep it basic.  I want you to feel good about the photo and about yourself when you look at it.  

Next week I am taking a trip with my family and won’t be using social media much but I’ll be sure to share some photos from our trip.