“My Name is Inigo Montoya”

“My Name is Inigo Montoya”

Just kidding, my name is Jessica Hernandez, andmy computer is so slow-but at least I have a computer.  Perspective people, everything is about perspective.   We will call this aget to know you post, or rather a get to know Jessica post.  I think it is kind of important because there are two main reasons you like a photographer and want to work with them.  One, you like there work, and two you like them as a person.   If you don’t like them as a person, your photographs probably won’t turn out well, unless you like photos where the people look uncomfortable.


So, here we go.  A list of 5 things I like in no particular order.


  1. I like Instagram much more than Facebook.  Why, because I am a visual learner and I like the flow of it more than Facebook.  I like looking at photographs of people and nature and reading the stories behind them.  Facebook makes me a little depressed sometimes and I find all of the information overwhelming and second hand.  I still get on it too often, but I’m doing so less and less as I see how it affects my mood.
  2. I like talking with people.  I can't say I have always talking with people, it use to scare me. I was too self-conscious,  It has taken a lot of work, but now I enjoy it and worry less about what I’m going to say and how people will react. I just talk, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.
  3. I like to read.   My favorite books are probably The Book of Mormon and Harry Potter.  I also like a lot of classical literature and poetry.  I think we learn a lot about the world and gain empathy by reading books.  I studied two things in college: art and Spanish-Latin American culture, and i believe both made me a better person.  In order to lean more about the Spanish speaking world I read a lot of books and did some traveling, which leads me to number four.
  4. I like to travel, especially abroad. I got my passport at 16 and went on 1-2 week trip to Mexico with some other kids at my high school.  We all stayed at peoples homes in Merida Mexico, it is beyond beautiful. If I have time I will upload some of my photos (but beware, these are photos from my first year with an slr.)  I stayed with Roxana, also beautiful, and her family.  

    I have also traveled to Spain, France (sadly only three days) & Chile for school.  As a volunteer missionary I was able to live in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for a time as well.  I loved all of these adventures and I know that they have made me a better more understanding person as well.

And I had a lot of fun looking through these photos and I hope you do too.

5) I like Indian food, especially Bombay House here in Salt Lake.  Not only is it delicious but it reminds me of my first date with my now husband as well as some fun times in the Czech Republic.  I love food more than I should and I definitely love it more for the memories it evokes than for its nutritional value., but I am growing up and not only like chocolate now but vegetables as well.  

And as a bonus, here is a 6th thing I like.

6) I like quoting tv shows and movies even if no one else knows what I am talking about.  And I will give you a gold sticker (or a piece of chocolate) if you can tell me why I say, “Hey, hey Tony” *Your reward must be received in person, because if you can tell me, we definitely need to talk more.