3 Tips for Better Thanksgiving Photographs

I learned my lesson. I almost completed this blog post within my website when, Safari quit on on me. So, now you are reading a second draft and I have lured you into the post with a catchy title and a cute picture (because I don’t have any Thanksgiving group photos to show you.)


1 Clear the Clutter

If you want a photo around the table, don’t wait until it looks like an animal entered your house and had a feast.  Take the photo before the big meal.  Not only will the table look great but your teeth will too.   

2 Use the Flash

If you are in your house, use the flash. Just do it. Window light is beautiful, but if you are using a cell phone chances are the ISO will bump up automatically creating fake fill light but probably a less than desired effect.   The flash will also help to freeze the movement of speedy children.

3 Plan Ahead

Decide where you are taking the photo and how you are going to set the camera up so that you can be in the photo.  You might not want it, but your children do.  They want to see you in photographs. So, plan time to get yourself as ready as you want and learn how to use the self-timer.  Research if you can use the self-timer and have it take multiple shots (burst mode).  Find out what works for you and your camera.   Set everything up as best you can ahead of time so that you can take the photo before little ones wander off.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!