In the Studio with Jessica

Ah!  I was almost done typing the blog post for the week, when bam! Just kidding it was more like, ...gears turning, computer no longer silent and then white.  Anyways all of my hard work disappeared.  So, I will attempt to start again and click save often even though I have to reopen my post (I didn't use word or pages or anything of the sort to write a draft) this is fresh from the brain of Jessica; I hope you're not to distracted by any lack of writing rules I fail to follow.

But back to the post.  This Wednesday's weekly post, which I actually try and get done on Tuesday.

I thought I would share a few headshots from last week I took with my husband.  He really wanted a headshot but, he's a pretty busy person, so it took a while to actually get it done.  Last time we took a headshot we did it on our porch and he liked it.  At the risk of sharing too much information I don't really want to post it because somebody might recognize some landmarks.  Needless to say it was an awesome photo and you couldn't even tell that his dressy upper half was accompanied by basketball shorts.

This time however, we went to the amazing Photo Collective Studios and we took along the tiniest of assistants to be cute.   We shot upstairs in the light loft. The light is so beautiful up there.  

Look at those colors, those windows, the hardwood floor and don't forget that dapper little chap pushing a cart.  Now that I have shown you the beauty of the room, I will demonstrate the versatility of it.

You see that white wall in the back.  That is where we took a few headshots for mi mismo.  

Pretty sweet, right?  We used a small studio light to blow out the wall a little and create the gradient on the left side.

Opposite the white wall is a brick wall which we also used.

This is just with the natural light in the room.  My husband still hasn't seen all the headsets yet but this one is my favorite. It's a genuine smile taken right after a laugh.  My theory is that most people feel a little awkward in front of the camera and that laughing is a good way to brush off some of that nervousness.  

Stay tuned next week for another adventure in the brain of Jessica.