Personal Work

I love photographing families and memories.  It's great.  But I also studied art and I did it for a reason, I have a need to express myself visually.  I do this in a variety of ways, but my favorite is photography.   I wish I could draw better and I do practice, but mostly I just sketch and doodle (you will see some sketches below).  But my point in posting is to hold myself responsible, not the word I was exactly looking for but I have something I'd like to work on in a less memory-based way and more conceptual.  It is a little difficult as my concept relies heavily on flowers (at least at this point in the process) and as we all know, fall is upon us in all of its wonderful glory.   

Either way, I need to do a test shoot and find out all of the settings on my camera to be able to photograph in the manner I desire for my personal work.  So, I am looking for a model, or a few actually.  I will probably reach out to a few people but feel free to reach out to me as well.  The models I am looking for is: female, between 20-30, a natural hair color (hair can be died) of medium to long length and able to come up to SLC and one model who can come up in November.   Send me a message at or contact me however you want if you're interested.    

Here's a sketch of some of my ideas.  Oh yeah, and clothes need to be simple, ethereal, feminine.   We will discuss more details later.