Posing tips from baby Aaron

I'm sorry I missed last week. My sweet little fish has recently decided to protest naps and thats when I do most of my work.  But, I was still able to do a photoshoot with beautiful baby Aaron.  I love photographing babies because they haven't been conditioned to be afraid of the camera yet.  And why should they, even when they are mad they are cute.  If I made half the faces a baby makes you would think very differently of me.  Aaron is a little over a month old in these photos, and he's adorable. 

But, before I take too long boring you with my ramblings I thought you might like to see a few photos and learn some posing tips given by baby Aaron.


Don't be afraid to let everyone know why you are the center of attention.

Make it difficult for your photographer to choose between photos by making a myriad of cute faces while in the same pose.  (Click a photo above to see posing at its best.)


Dancing is definitely cool.


And last, but not least; don't forget to keep your wardrobe simple so that your beautiful face is the subject of the photo.  

I'd like to thank Aaron and his wonderful parents for their great modeling skills and home to shoot in.  Babies are definitely more comfortable at home and you as a parent needn't worry about packing a diaper bag or having a picture perfect home (you and your love are the subject of the photographs).