1 Great Christmas Present Idea

Christmas is coming!  And if you are like me you still haven't planned any gifts.  But, do you know what the best gift is for relatives?   Photos, printed photos.  Does your grandma really get on Facebook?  Mine doesn't, but I do send her the occasional text message with a video or photo but I know that she would rather have a printed photo of us.   So, here are a few quick suggestions on where to print your photos for the best gifts ever! 

Locally, I like Replicolor and Nichols.   Both have well trained staff and can even help you print photos that won't need to be protected by glass.  (Hint - there's something called laminate and UV protective coatings)  

If you are looking at the book option, there is of course, Chatbooks, PersnicketyPrints (local to Utah, I do believe) and Parabopress.   

So, do the right thing this Christmas year and print some photos for your loved ones.