4 Tips for Photographing your Children

Christmas is only a few days away, and no doubt you want to capture the joy on your children's faces as they open up there gifts.  When I was growing up, opening the presents was a long process which included a before and after (at least that's what my memory tells me it felt like) of the gift wrapped and then unwrapped with us smiling at the camera.   And that is how my mother wanted them, no big deal.  

I however don't care too much about anyone looking straight into camera and smiling.   So here are a few tips to capture some authentic reactions on Christmas morning.

1) If you don't care about sleep, wake up before your children and wait in the living room or wherever you leave gifts.  The best place for you to be with your camera is where you will see the children walking into the room.  (Choose your angles before so you that you don't have to direct your children for the photos.)

2) Speaking of directing your children, a little is okay, but try to limit it.  For happy, natural looking children, move yourself around them instead of having them move for you.   If they are in a bad spot, wait for the opportune moment and then move them.

3) Don't get too caught up in documenting the day.  Photographs are great to look back on reminisce. But, you don't want to regret not interacting with your family because you were to focused on the camera.   Find the balance that works best for you.   

4)  Speaking of interacting with your family, make sure you get a few shots of your children playing with their gifts.  (And, if you haven't already wrapped their presents, make sure to wrap them after getting them ready for play - cutting off all of those little plastic ties, inserting batteries as needed, things like that.)   

5) And, if it's nice and snowy go out and play together.


I hope that helps.  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!